In this week's episode I highlight the greatest lesson and habit I gained from the pandemic.  Work from home flexibility allowed for more time spent with family and less reliant on child care.  Quality time spent with kids in the form of picking them up from the bus or coaching their  sports team is the best reward from a flexible schedule.  I also encourage listeners to consider "interactive entertainment" such as playing sports or being creative with the people around you, rather than simply watching TV or other passive forms of entertainment.

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More Episodes

FINANCE Alternative Health Care Models and Life Insurance with Eric Geier

May 3, 2021

My guest is Eric Geier, President of Puresurance.  We talk about the good and bad of the "typical" American health insurance policy and why people can get confused and frustrated with their policies.  Eric walks through how his company offers an alternative model that starts with underwritten policies that require health screenings, much like life insurances policies.  We trade stories and tactics to keep costs low, no matter what kind of policy you have.  Eric, then, gives options on the life insurance side and explains some of the differences between term, whole, and universal coverage.  As always, make sure you understand any investment decision before making a final decision.

To find out more about Eric and Puresurance, visit


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TRAVEL - Appreciating Domestic Travel

April 19, 2021

In this episode, I talk about how my family pivoted our travel plans during COVID and focused more on domestic travel.  Specifically, we were able to enjoy Yellowstone National Park, the Smokey Mountains and Maui, HI in place of cruises and international destinations.  We were so happy with all of these trips and absolutely encourage folks to consider these destinations in your travel plans, especially while restrictions are still in place.


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FINANCE - Current State of Investments with Brian Haney

April 12, 2021

My guest is Brian Haney, Founder and VP of The Haney Company.  We talk about the current state of the stock market and other investments that are at record highs while facing the uncertain times during the pandemic.  We highlight the fact that there are more options for how to invest than ever before and the importance of diversification.  Brian emphasizes the importance of investment vehicles that are tax advantaged.  We end with thoughts about how government intervention may play out and the need to understand your investments.

To find out more about Brian:


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March 22, 2021

In this solo episode, Greg gives his best tips for DIYing a kitchen remodel.  He starts by talking about what to consider for both base cabinets and wall cabinets.  He recommends the discount cabinet company Cabinets To Go to save money on well-constructed cabinets.  He shares lessons learned in hanging wall cabinets and the frustrations of putting up crown molding.  He ends with ideas for flooring and backsplashes while recommending a contractor for countertops other than Formica.

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PARENTING - Conflict Resolution with Natalie Garramone

March 15, 2021

My guest is Natalie Garramone, owner and principal consultant at ONE EIGHTY, a firm focusing on conflict resolution and mediation.  We discuss the reasons for conflict arising at work and how we can be best positioned to productively resolve issues.  She stresses the importance of listening and striving to understand others' points of view.  We, then pivot to dealing with conflict at home with friends and family.  She emphasizes similar rules in understanding while also understanding queues (especially from children) that indicate stress.

For more information on ONE EIGHTY, visit

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March 1, 2021

In this solo episode, I talk about the parts of a bathroom remodel to consider doing yourself without a contractor.  I walk through the process of replacing a toilet, sink, and installing a tile floor.  I also talk about some of the specific instances where it might be best to hire a plumber.  The episode is not intended to cover all steps, but to show that with a little confidence, a homeowner can tackle many projects without hiring a professional.

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HEALTH - Direct Care - Removing Insurance from Health Care with Chris Habig

February 23, 2021

My guest is Chris Habig, co-founder of Freedom Healthworks.  We talk about the concept of direct care in which patients subscribe directly to a doctor and pay directly for services without the need for a third party insurance.  Our discussion covers some of the history of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its intent, challenges in achieving transparent billing, and other frustrations patients and providers face in the US Healthcare system.

To find out more about Freedom Healthworks, visit:

Find them soccial media:


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HEALTH - Take Care of Yourself During the Pandemic

February 15, 2021

My guest is Renee Exelbert, Psychologist and Trainer.  Renee returns to the show to talk about ways that people can look after themselves and others while surviving through the pandemic.  We talk about diet, exercise and mental health.  For each area, a consistent theme of giving yourself slack while avoiding doing too much at once.  We also discuss ways that you can modify your old routine that has been disrupted with some new suggestions and also, don't be surprised if some routines are forever altered coming out of the current rules.

Dr. Exelbert's book can be found here: Chemo Muscles



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TRAVEL - Return to the Coca-Cola Trail with Larry Jorgensen

January 25, 2021

My guest is Larry Jorgensen, author of the new book Return to the Coca-Cola Trail.  Be sure to check out Larry's first appearance on the show discussing the first book in this series.  In the newest installment, he highlights additional towns with notable Coca-Cola history, where to find collectibles and murals and signage featuring the company.  We also talk about the connection Coca-Cola has made with Christmas as well as some festivals throughout the country specifically dedicated to Coca-Cola enthusiasts.

To purchase the latest book or the original, visit  You can get a discount by purchasing both books at once.


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