My guest is Renee Exelbert, Psychologist and Trainer.  Renee returns to the show to talk about ways that people can look after themselves and others while surviving through the pandemic.  We talk about diet, exercise and mental health.  For each area, a consistent theme of giving yourself slack while avoiding doing too much at once.  We also discuss ways that you can modify your old routine that has been disrupted with some new suggestions and also, don't be surprised if some routines are forever altered coming out of the current rules.

Dr. Exelbert's book can be found here: Chemo Muscles



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More Episodes

TRAVEL - Return to the Coca-Cola Trail with Larry Jorgensen

January 25, 2021

My guest is Larry Jorgensen, author of the new book Return to the Coca-Cola Trail.  Be sure to check out Larry's first appearance on the show discussing the first book in this series.  In the newest installment, he highlights additional towns with notable Coca-Cola history, where to find collectibles and murals and signage featuring the company.  We also talk about the connection Coca-Cola has made with Christmas as well as some festivals throughout the country specifically dedicated to Coca-Cola enthusiasts.

To purchase the latest book or the original, visit  You can get a discount by purchasing both books at once.


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FINANCE - Finding Deals and Networking in Real Estate with Amy Mahjoory

January 18, 2021

My Guest is Amy Mahjoory, real estate investor, author and coach.  She walks through her journey from 9 - 5 job to real estate investing.  She emphasizes the importance of having the right systems and teams in place to be successful.  She describes how she accomplished this through using coaches to help her learn more quickly and through networking.  We also discuss how networking is key to raising capital.  Finally, she talks about her reasons for writing her book, Networking with a Purpose, and how it can help new investors.

For more information about Amy, visit: or check Instagram:


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PARENTING - College Options and How to Save

January 11, 2021

My guest is Paul Fagan, host of the Financial Dads Podcast.  We talk about the different options for college and what we have considered so far to help guide our children towards the best choice.  We also give our perspectives about why college is so expensive.  Then we highlight some savings strategies as well as using the 529 plan to help save for your child's college if you intend to do so.  The primary lesson is that there is no right or wrong or one-size-fits-all path, but making a plan for affording it is crucial.

Find the "Financial Dads" Podcast on any podcasting app and check out their Facebook group here:


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PARENTING - Tonies, An Educational Toy That Fosters Creativity with Drew Vernon

January 4, 2021

My guest is Drew Vernon, Marketing Director for Tonies.  Tonies features the Toniebox, which is an audio player that pairs with Tonies that play children's songs and stories.  There are also Creative Tonies that allow kids and their parents to record their own ideas, load them to the Tonie, and play it back on the device.  Drew talks about the advantages of technology without a screen allowing kids to use their imaginations more for the stories and is a break from other screen-based technology.  The company is also partnering with teachers to allow for better classroom management as well as help in guiding students through activities while the teacher may be working with other students.  We end with additional uses, including Tonies for older adults to keep in touch with family.

To find out more about Tonies, visit or visit them on Instagram


Check out my review of the Toniebox here:


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FINANCE - The Mind of an Entrepreneur with Wayne Veldsman

December 21, 2020

My guest is Wayne Veldsman, president of Vel.Consulting and host of the Journey to Legacy Podcast.  Wayne talks about his journey as a business owner and what skills it takes to become an entrepreneur.  We talk about the importance of networking, communication, and problem-solving.  He points out that nearly all information needed to solve a problem is available online, but encourages considering coaches or experts to decrease the learning curve.  We end with the importance of family and mindfulness to prevent burnout.

To find out more about Wayne, visit


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PARENTING - Balancing Work and Parenting with Sonni Abatta

December 14, 2020

My guest Sonni Abatta.  She is the host of We've Gotta Talk with Sonni, a podcast, talk show and blog.  We talk about her transition from a television news personality to her current career.  The primary factors for her decision center around family and health considerations.  We discuss how corporations can help accommodate new mothers and how people can stay aware of their relationships and health to know when change is needed.  We end with thoughts on screen time and how to handle family with different political opinions.

To check out Sonni or her show, visit: or


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FINANCE - Choosing a Financial Advisor and How to be an Advisor with Dan Cuprill

December 8, 2020

My guest is Dan Cuprill, CFP.  He is a Certified Financial Planner, author, and podcaster.  We talk about what to look for when choosing a financial advisor as well as whether or not a person actually needs an advisor.  For those that are already advisors or thinking about becoming one, Dan talks about some of the pitfalls that can harm an advisor business - taking on the wrong clients, focusing on product pushing, and ignoring the needs of your clients.  We finish up by talking about alternative investments to stocks and bonds as well as what may occur in the future for finances, specifically possible changes in tax structure.

To contact Dan and find out more about his business, visit

For advisors, check out his podcast "The Profitable Advisor"


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FINANCE - Real Estate Investing with Sean O’Toole

November 30, 2020

My guest is Sean O'Toole, founder of Property Radar.  The site provides public data for real estate investors to contact owners of potential off-market deals.  We talk about the basics of real estate investing and some of the pitfalls that new investors fall into.  Sean also compares real estate investing to stock market investing and what he views as risk in each.  Overall, the mission of Property Radar is to level the playing field for smaller investors and companies against larger competition.

To contact Sean:

Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn: Search "Sean O'Toole" or "Property Radar"

Check out the conversation at


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PARENTING - Confessions of a Helmet-Free Childhood with Cinnia Curran Finfer

November 23, 2020

My guest is Cinnia Curran Finfer, author of Confession of a Helmet-Free Childhood: True-ish Tales of an Analog Upbringing.  In the book, Cinnia recounts 13 stories from her childhood that both convey the sign of the times and also parallel experiences that many of us have had as children.  We focus in on what life was like growing up in the late 60s and early 70s and how it compares to today's environment.  We point out some of the similarities and differences while identifying ways that parents can use their childhoods as a way to relate and guide their children.

You can purchase the book here:


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