January 4, 2021 PARENTING - Tonies, An Educational Toy That Fosters Creativity with Drew Vernon

My guest is Drew Vernon, Marketing Director for Tonies.  Tonies features the Toniebox, which is an audio player that pairs with Tonies that play children's songs and stories.  There are also Creative Tonies that allow kids and their parents to record their own ideas, load them to the Tonie, and play it back on the device.  Drew talks about the advantages of technology without a screen allowing kids to use their imaginations more for the stories and is a break from other screen-based technology.  The company is also partnering with teachers to allow for better classroom management as well as help in guiding students through activities while the teacher may be working with other students.  We end with additional uses, including Tonies for older adults to keep in touch with family.

To find out more about Tonies, visit https://tonies.com or visit them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tonies.us/


Check out my review of the Toniebox here: https://youtu.be/Cu9_e8SVmGs


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