My guest is Myles Wakeham who runs the website and is the host of the "Unconstrained Podcast".  Myles describes the moments in his life where everything seemed to be going his way when unforeseen tragedies struck.  He's gone from a millionaire in his 30s to nearly broke and back again.  He's learned the importance of relying on himself, rather than corporations to reach his goals as well as focusing on learning new things to get ahead.  He also shares his experiences with the US, Australian and Mexican health care systems from the standpoint of cost and access to care.

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More Episodes

FINANCE - Selling Your Data with Jeff Bermant

November 9, 2020

My guest is Jeff Bermant, founder of Cocoon My Data Rewards.  Jeff created a browser and mobile app that allow users to take control of their data and make some money selling it to other companies.  We talk about how this happens to all of us online anyway and we don't see any of the money that companies are making off of our online activity.  We discuss what kind of data gets transacted, how it is collected, and how privacy plays a role.

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HEALTH - The ABCs of Medicare

November 2, 2020

My guest is Rick Gordon who has over 12 years of experience in Medicare programs.  We take a deep dive into what Medicare is, who is eligible, and the many programs and benefits that are available.  Right now is Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), so it is important for all Medicare beneficiaries to be aware of their options and understand how to sign up.  We walk through Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D as well as supplemental plans.  This episode is for anyone eligible for Medicare or someone with a family member eligible for Medicare.


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PARENTING - Online Math Education Software, Elephant Learning with Aditya Nagrath

October 26, 2020

My guest is Aditya Nagrath, founder and CEO of Elephant Learning.  He describes the idea for the application and how he and the company strive to help students build a solid foundation in math.  He talks about a correlation in math development with overall future academic performance.  We also discuss how lower income children are significantly more prone to getting behind as a primary reason for the software to be priced affordably.

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Ep 058 - Achieving Health and Career Goals

October 19, 2020

My guest is Amy Goober.  She is a certified health coach and business coach.  We talk about ways to improve health and drive your career.  We point to the many parallels in both worlds - defining goals, taking steps to achieve them, and appreciating the journey.  We end by emphasizing the power of networking.

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Ep 057 - A Libertarian Walks Into A Bear By Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling

October 12, 2020

My guest is Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling, author of the new book A Libertarian Walks Into a Bear.  The story features the town of Grafton, NH and what happens when a libertarian group descends upon the town to make it their own utopia and a burgeoning bear problem.  We talk about the uniqueness of the town and its people as well as lessons to be learned about community and health.

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Ep 056 - Self Improvement and Environmental Conservation

October 5, 2020

My guest is Joyce Kristiansson, author of The Last Straw.  Joyce walks us through her books steps to improve your life and build towards goals and purpose.  We talk about the parallels between these steps and ways of helping the environment.  We also relate how striving towards personal goals can else relate to career aspirations.

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Ep 055 - Online Fitness, Connecting Trainers to Client

September 28, 2020

My guest is Ellie Sarmadi, owner of UBQFIT.  The company provides a platform for personal trainers, nutritionists and other health experts to offer their services online through the site.  Users of the site benefit from a wide variety of exercise options and teachers, most of the time at rates much lower than their traditional gym.  We talk about the typical excuses people have for not working out, the importance of community, and cost advantages of connecting trainers directly to consumers.  You can check out the site here:

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Ep 054 - Financial Independence, Divorce, Parenting and Travel in New England

September 21, 2020

My guest is Ben Reeder, host of the FI After 40 blog and podcast.  We discuss what it means to be financially independent and how best to get there.  Ben also shares insight into his divorce as well as tips for parenting with an ex.  We end with his recommendations for places to visit and sites to see when traveling to New England.

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Ep 053 - Innovations in Education

September 14, 2020

My guest is Rebecca Holmes, CEO of the Colorado Education Initiative.  We discuss the challenges facing schools this year during the lockdown, enhancements to the education system, and ways in which parents, teachers and administrators can collaborate together for more effective education.  We work through the logistic challenges for working parents, changing the expectations and goals for teachers in the classroom and encourage problem-solving and collaboration by students.

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